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Mar 26, 2014

Youth Voices – In Their Own Words

Alex has been part of our Imani family for just under three years. After a recent field trip to the KGW-TV studios, he took the time to write about his experience so we could share it here. Thanks Alex!

My name is Alex and I am an 18 year old client at the Imani Residential program. Since I am going to be graduating from the program soon and transitioning back into the community, Imani has been helping me to work hard to learn life and job skills. My case manager at Imani helped me get enrolled in Open Meadow Pathway program in North Portland. This program helps me learn job skills, write resumes and cover letters, write professional emails, and will even help me find a job eventually.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a tour and presentation at KGW Studios in Portland. While I was there I learned a lot about how a news studio runs and how many people have to work together to make the programs run. I also learned a lot about what journalists do and all the technical parts of putting things on the air. One of the anchors, Russ Lewis gave me a lot of information about his career and about how he got to where he is today. I was also able to meet a graphic designer team who showed me some of the videos that they have made while working there.

What I liked the most about my day at KGW was seeing the graphic designers work and learning things I didn’t know before, like the weather person using a remote to change the screens on the air. I was also able to watch the newscast from behind the scenes as it happened in the studio. Who knows? Maybe someday you will see me on your local news station!


Jun 14, 2018
​Board of Directors Spotlight—Chad Paulson

Chad Paulson, General Counsel at Blount International and has been a member of the Janus Board of Directors since 2005, serving as Board President from 2011-2012. He has two children and when not running after his three-year old, enjoys playing golf.

May 30, 2018
Youth Spotlight—Kristin Sanchez

“Janus Youth changed my life in so many ways,” says 28 year-old, Kristin Sanchez. As a teen mom, struggling in a violent relationship and trying to find stable housing, Kristin came to Insights Teen Parent Program for support.

May 22, 2018
Eighth Grader Organizes Race For Janus Youth

When 14-year-old Bella told her mother she wanted to organize her own “Family Fun Run” to benefit Janus Youth Programs, her mom thought, “Why don’t you just run in a race instead?” But Bella had a vision and a strong drive to organize the event herself, which she did on May 20th at the Wilson High School track. Every detail of the event—from garnering donations for swag items, applying for a grant to help offset costs, organizing a bake sale, to publicity—Bella planned with support from family and friends. The event was a big success and raised close to $1,000 for Janus.

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