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May 03, 2016

Staff Spotlight—Neal Sand

When many of us think of a dream job, it is usually something glamorous, like rock star, bestselling author, or video game designer. Not Neal Sand. His dream job is the one he has, Yellow Brick Road Supervisor. In this job, Neal gets to do what he loves: building relationships with at-risk youth and instilling hope in their lives.

Neal’s journey began in 1998 when he became a Yellow Brick Road volunteer. His sister was ending her work as a volunteer so Neal took over her shift and stayed for four years. Neal realized that he liked his volunteer job more than his day job so when a position opened up at Janus as a Relief Coordinator, he changed the course of his career. Over the years, he has held a number of positions including Relief Coordinator and Screener. In 2006, Neal started doing Yellow Brick Road outreach work and has been doing it ever since.

What interests you most about Yellow Brick Road outreach work?

What I love most is building relationships with youth who don’t trust adults. It is a slow process and I like to watch it unfold. Often many youth have had a life time of mistrust, so they are wary of adults. I approach these youth without judgement and just listen. It ...

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Apr 14, 2016
Child Abuse Prevention: The Role Insights Teen Parent Program Plays

Starting a family at any age is a life changing event, and becoming a parent at a young age presents its own unique challenges. Young parents may be unprepared for the needs of a new family: providing housing, caring for an infant and establishing financial stability. Insights, our teen Parent Program, helps young parents to navigate through this by providing support and education with home visits.

Apr 13, 2016
Board of Directors, President Spotlight Kevin Huish

Kevin Huish has served as President of the Janus Board of Directors since 2013 and a Board member since 2008. We appreciate the time he took to answer our questions for this Board of Directors Spotlight.

Apr 13, 2016
New! 2015 Annual Report

Check out our 2015 Annual Report

Apr 11, 2016
Volunteer Spotlight—Sharon Rupert

For the past 16 years, Sharon Rupert has made her volunteer job at the Cordero House a huge part of her life. "The joy keeps growing," says Rupert, a mother of two grown men. Ms. Rupert considers the boys at Cordero her family and spends as much time as she can with them, especially during the holidays—when many boys do not have families to be with—and summer when she takes the boys on outings to ball games and picnics. She plays a unique role in their lives, as a mentor, a group leader and a supportive community member who offers encouragement, feedback and a willingness to listen.

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