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Apr 16, 2014

Youth Voices – In Their Own Words

Residents of the Cordero residential program are asked to write an empathy letter as part of their treatment and rehabilitative services. One anonymous youth was willing to share his letter, providing a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the young men we serve.

Dear Victims of Abuse;

I am a trauma survivor myself. I know that times get hard when you get offended and/or abused. I felt this way many times in my life. I chose to tell the story when I should not have had to. I know that you might not want to share the abuse, but this will help you start the process of healing. It feels horrible and sad knowing that you are carrying a secret and burden that you should not have to carry. Some feelings behind this are self-blame because you, the victim, want to have a sense of knowing who to blame. In reality there is only one person to blame, which is the perpetrator. I know that it is hard to believe, but when you talk about what happened to you the road to becoming a survivor is easier. When you do not talk about what is going on with you, the effects of all the abuse will get stronger on the inside of yourself. Then your emotions come out sideways. Do not let the abuse ruin your ...

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Mar 26, 2014
A Day in the Life: On The Streets with Outreach Specialist Neal Sand

Neal and our street outreach team describe a typical day’s work bringing referrals, crisis intervention and essential supplies directly to homeless youth. 

Mar 26, 2014
Food Works CSA Offers Fresh, Organic Produce

Sign up for the Food Works CSA to receive 21 weeks of organic produce while supporting low-income families in North Portland.

Mar 26, 2014
Youth Voices – In Their Own Words

Hear from Imani resident Alex on his recent trip to KGW-TV Studios!

Mar 20, 2014
Board of Directors Member Spotlight – Karen Schartman

Q&A with Karen Schartman, Chief Financial Officer of Kaiser Permanente Northwest, who has served on the Janus Board of Directors since 2009.

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