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Feb 10, 2016

A Message on Black History Month from Executive Director, Dennis Morrow

We have spent the past year at Janus building our capacity to be a safe and welcoming “home” for all youth and all staff. Janus’ founding mission is to “open doors for youth.” Over half of the 6,000 children and youth that Janus works with each year are from a racial/cultural minority group and it is vital that every one of them feels safe and welcomed when they walk through any of our 40+ program doors seeking help. A newly formed Diversity Team created a Diversity Vision Statement for all of our programs and is now conducting a survey with staff from every program to examine in detail where we are succeeding and where we are still potentially creating barriers to youth and families from different races, cultures, and sexual orientations. Black History Month gives us an opportunity to move away from our internal work into actively engaging in a community recognition and celebration of Black History, and we are excited to find new ways to engage for both our youth and our staff.

A recently hired African American staff at one of our homeless youth shelters wrote a personal essay about her journey to Portland from Oklahoma. She says, “Race was the first thing I noticed ...

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Feb 09, 2016
Meet the new CSEC Outreach Workers!

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) is not new in the Portland Metropolitan Area. But what is new is the approach Janus is taking to address the problem. Thanks to a grant from Multnomah County, Janus has hired two new outreach educators who go out in the community to find CSEC victims (survivors), build relationships with them and pave the way for their entry into services. This type of work requires not only a unique skill set, but the ability to connect with this at-risk youth population. Janus is pleased that LaTasha Curry and Marc Hanks are leading this important work in their new roles as CSEC outreach workers.

Jan 25, 2016
Volunteer Spotlight – Lisa Ornstein

Lisa Ornstein has become a familiar face at the Janus office. Over the years, she has continued to drop off bags of much needed items for homeless youth. Ms. Ornstein, who is a musician and music teacher, keeps coming back to Janus because she is passionate about helping children who are most vulnerable. “Janus is doing such important work for at-risk youth. The organization is an antidote against despair,” says Ornstein.

Jan 20, 2016
Board of Directors Member Spotlight - Sue Campo

We welcomed Sue Campo onto the Janus Board of Directors a few months ago. Originally from Montana, Sue has lived in the Portland Metropolitan Area for 28 yrs. She loves spending time with family, enjoys the outdoors, and the arts and culture that our greater community offers.

Jan 11, 2016
January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Did you know that human trafficking (HT) is the fastest growing criminal enterprise of this century? Although most of us consider slavery to be a tragedy of the past, human traffickers have created billions of dollars in profits by trapping millions of victims into horrific situations, including sex trafficking of children. These children are referred to as victims of Commercially Exploited Children, also known as CSEC. And Portland, Oregon has earned the reputation as one of the CSEC hubs on the West Coast.

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